As a major focus, the Grenada National Museum (GNM) will embark on an extensive outreach to the schools across Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. The GNM believes its primary audience are the thousands of students across Grenada who can benefit from its resources. The GNM will engage all levels of the school system and develop strong working relationships with the Ministry of Education, school administrators, and especially students.

It is the goal of the GNM to coordinate its activities to support the school curriculum by developing educational programs, sponsoring annual fairs (social studies and science), and internships for students. The GNM will also send its staff to schools to promote its educational goals. The GNM will encourage students to investigate their natural, cultural and historical environment, and support the dissemination of that information in various forms, including competitive and artistic forums. The GNM will also promote volunteering, holiday internships and other extracurricular participation by students at the Museum.