The GNM is initiating a membership drive with the goal of creating a significant body of advocates for our cause and goals. As membership has its privileges, the GNM membership will come with a few benefits, but the key is that you will be making a strong statement and commitment to the preservation of the history and culture of Grenada. In supporting the GNM by becoming a member you are investing in the heritage of the islands and its people, and supporting the educational work of the Museum.


Types of memberships offered are:

  • Student, at an annual fee of $25
  • Individual, at an annual fee of $35.00
  • Family, at an annual fee of $50.00
  • Senior, at an annual fee of $15.00 (over 55 years old)
  • Cooperate Membership beginning at an annual fee of $325 and changes based on the amount of Employees you have
  • Friend, Annual fee of $100.00
  • Supporter, at an annual fee of $250.00
  • Founders’ Circle, at an annual fee of $350.00


For those who are interested in supporting the work of the GNM above and beyond, but, for whatever reason, may not desire to become an annual member, they can become a “Friend,” “Supporter” or “Founders’ Circle” members of the GNM. This will allow individuals to make a contribution to the GNM as often as they desire, especially those who do not reside in Grenada and may never visit the GNM. The “Founders’ Circle” membership, which will provide a medium for people who want to make a greater financial contribution to the GNM and also desire to be a seminal part of its ongoing work.

These special groups will have the same access as regular members, but the Founders’ Circle will have additional benefits. They will have unlimited access to the GNM. With prior arrangement, these members can have individual tours of the GNM and engage with GNM staff as to the continued work of the GNM, etc. Founders can play a greater role in advocating for the GNM by spearheading efforts at fundraising, soliciting/purchasing additions to the collections, lobbying for more support for the GNM from other institutions, etc. For individuals who wish to contribute large amounts to the GNM, they will be regarded as special patrons of the GNM and will be given all of the necessary access.

All annual members will be provided with a membership card which will give them free access to the GNM’s permanent collection, a copy of the quarterly e-bulletin (newsletter), annual journal, special reports, and regular updates on the activities of the GNM (delivered via electronic format), free access to the Library and Archives without an appointment, and priority when requesting reference services from the GNM. Special discounts and privilages  at the museum gift shop and musuem events (eg. heritage tours and other activities). Free access to WiFi at the museum building. In addition, special benefits from businesses on young street and businesses situated at the museum.  As time goes on, the GNM will be able to add new benefits to membership, take advantage of or privileges now!  “Gift Memberships” will be available for those who wish to purchase a membership for someone as a gift.

A note on currency: Since the GNM will be soliciting membership from people in the US, UK and other foreign countries, all membership fees will be in the currency of the country where members reside to avoid the confusion of currency conversion.