The Dr. James D. Pitt Lecture series has returned!

Dr. James D. Pitt Voices Lecture Series

These lectures/presentations will highlight ideas, events, people, places and things that have been important in our islands’ history. The lectures will be complimented by various collaborative events/exhibitions that highlight art, education and culture.

In January we started a two part series called “The La Poterie Perspective.” Presented by Mr Dalton Charles, a La Poterie resident himself, this lecture challenges what is currently know about our history as a small island. Was this the Kalingo’s first stop on their migration up the islands? Did Christopher Columbus pass by or visit the island? These questions and more will be sparked by Charles’ moving presentation.

About Dr. Pitt: In January 2013 the Grenada National Museum established a monthly lecture series called the Dr. James D. Pitt Voices of Grenada Lecture Series after one of the founders of the Museum and a primary supporter over the years; Dr. Pitt has also served as the chairman of the Board of the Museum.

Temporary Exhibitions

The Grenada National Museum will host temporary exhibitions to supplement its permanent displays. These will include exhibitions on the islands’ history, culture and art.

Art Exhibits

The GNM will stage temporary art exhibitions of contemporary and historical art, with emphasis on showcasing the islands’ local artists. It will work with other organizations, including the Grenada Arts Council, local artists, institutions and schools, to promote and celebrate local art and artists.

Historical Exhibits

The GNM will host temporary exhibitions to highlight historical events and figures, personalities, heritage sites and anniversaries. These small, short-term exhibits will be included under headings like This Day in Grenada History, Person of the Week/Month to commemorate an historical figure or honor a personality, Important Sites in Our History that illustrate different sites across the country which have played a role in the islands’ history, and Important Documents in Our History that explain the history of Grenada through documents in the collection of the GNM.


City Jazz Grenada / Friday Evenings at the Museum

Welcome to Our Place

The main hall of the Antilles Building is transformed into a stage where various forms of music (jazz, folk, calypso, pop, soca, reggae…), poetry and dance are put on display. We created an intimate stage where seasoned performers and developing artists can both be at home, with an opportunity to develop and make a contribution to a cause bigger than them.

City Jazz was created in May 2008. It began as a “Wednesday evenings at the Museum” activity then was moved to Friday where it appealed to a broader fan-base. The purpose then was two-fold:  partly to direct attention (and with it funding) towards the Antilles Building (the home of the Grenada National Museum) which was badly damaged since Hurricane Ivan in September 2004. More importantly it was a small attempt to fill a big void in the entertainment sector, where there waning enthusiasm in the performing arts as very few venues allowed for ongoing displays of music and theater  

This event has been ongoing since then and remains a total volunteer endeavour. It provides a unique platform for purveyors of the performing arts to express themselves and share their music, poetry, and other creative works. Our audience has been as diverse as our performers and we have been blessed with some very memorable performances that have brought back visitors who were here years ago. Visit our Facebook page to see images from past performances.

Join us each first Friday of the month for an exciting evening of City Jazz, beginning 5:30 pm, with your original city-jazz crew Algernon Belfon, Mark Hardy, Dexter Yawching, and many others. Also enjoy the artistic expressions of young poets from the Grenada Writers Association, or the traditional drums of Monty Dreighton and friends.

Bring your friends, your family, and a playful disposition as you sit back and enjoy a wonderful evening with your friends at the Museum.

There is no place like Our Place!